The Dangers of Social Media


Social media is one of the most time-consuming aspects of modern technology and electronics. From iPads and smartphones, to desktops and laptop computers, there are many ways of accessing social media. There are also many different social media platforms, from Instagram and Facebook, to Pinterest and Snapchat. The movie Social Network documented the beginnings of Facebook, and how Mark Zuckerburg, the founder of Facebook, helped make social media an even more household affair.

But social media isn’t as harmless as it might seem. Many people are becoming aware of this, but there are actually a lot of dangers that social media presents to its users, especially if they are younger. Just like when someone receives a text message, getting a like or a message on social media releases endorphins in someone’s brain. When this happens when someone is particularly young, it might not be the safest way for youth to spend their time.

Dangers of Social Media and Precautions to be Taken


There are a lot of people who are spending loads and loads of time on social media. This, if nothing else, is evidence that there may be an addicting nature to the social media platforms that have become so popular. People of any age, from youth, to young adults, to middle-aged people and senior citizens can spend time on social media, scrolling through a new feed and getting up-to- date on the latest trending news.

Feeds Procrastination

The problem with scrolling through that news feed is that it is going to feed procrastination. Whether it’s a student who ought to be working on a paper, or someone who is sitting in their office cubicle scrolling through Facebook, there are all sorts of ways that social media platforms help fuel procrastination and cut into productivity, both for students and for employees. The obvious solution is more self-control from the guilty parties, but it isn’t always so simple. Social media allows a quick escape for people to escape from the mundane activities of their everyday life. It also makes them feel more connected to their friends and loved ones. Each of these things makes it more difficult to stop than one might think.

Children are Leaning at a Young Age

One of the biggest strongholds of social media in today’s world is that kids are starting at such a young age, getting accustomed to social media in middle school or even elementary school. The millennial generation is getting smartphones at a younger age than ever before, and this gives kids access to all the social media platforms that an adult would have access to, unless the phone has restrictions on it and is properly monitored.

Monitor Your Kids’ Phones

That brings us to the best way to battle an over-consumption of social media by today’s youth. The ball is in the parents’ court, and one of the best ways to restrict access to social media for kids is to place restrictions on their phones so that they can’t access the same apps that would otherwise be available. It’s best if this is done from the very start.

ADHD and Attention Spans

There is evidence linking ADHD to an over-consumption of social media by youth, who are also being shown to have shorter attention spans than the youth of previous generations. That is part of what makes social media so dangerous. Like anything else, it is great when it’s used moderately. But taken to an extreme, social media can be dangerous.

Be mindful of how much you are using social media, and if you have kids be sure to monitor their activity on social media sites, as well.

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