The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media

social media

Social media is an interesting entity. It has changed the way that people live their lives. Giving the ability to connect with, follow, and influence people all over the world. Today, you don’t have to go to a concert to see your favorite celebrity. To see them in person you do, but not to see them at all. Not even for Taylor Swift and her new red hairdo

To see your favorite celebrities, you just need to have an Instagram or a Snapchat account and follow them there. With all of the exciting abilities, social media affords people, it’s important that they are aware of the unspoken guidelines. That way they are able to be successful in the big, wide world of social media. 

social media
Social Media Apps

Comment Nice Things

On social networking apps it is easy to comment something negative if you’re jealous of that person. Especially since people use their social feeds to highlight the positive aspects of life like getting a new car. Whether joking around or being serious, you’ll be on the fast track to getting blocked. There are a lot of people that joke around in a sarcastic way with their friends. This isn’t a good idea with strangers on social media. Even a cell phone spy app

Be Careful with “Sliding into DM’s”

If you direct-message someone on Instagram, you are sliding into their DM’s. Unless you personally know the other person, don’t do it. Randomly messaging someone telling them you find them attractive is a bad idea. Usually, you won’t get a response anyway, but it’s not the way you want to build a reputation. Not to mention, making them uncomfortable. 

Be Encouraging

You can and should interact with other people online, but more important is how you do it. Be as respectful as possible when interacting with other accounts. Especially if it’s an athlete, musician, model, or another sort of celebrity. Remember that what these people are posting is their work and they pour their heart into it. Don’t say anything if it isn’t nice. 

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Taking Pictures For Social Media

Have Fun

Unfortunately, the amount of followers you have defines your account. Many have forgotten how to have fun and enjoy social media. Use it as a medium to share and connect with people. The best way to counter this is to throw the follower and like count out the window. Keep in touch with old friends, making new ones, and build connections.

When people look back in twenty years, social media’s existence will be remembered. It is one of the defining aspects of this generation and for good reason. Use it right and you won’t be like the people who are on the news because they insulted or used hate-speech against someone on social media. Check out my last post about Canon or Sony for video