Put Your Time on the Web to Good Use, Learn How to Make Money on YouTube Now

Admit it. You have spent more than an hour on the internet just watching YouTube videos, right? Even elderly people and kids today are quite taken with the numerous engaging content on this social media platform that they just peer on their mobile device screens for hours on end. But when you’re done watching, have you ever thought what a waste of time you just did? When there can be more valuable things to do, like earning money. But wait, you can just learn how to make money on YouTube if you already spent hours on it!

Yes, you can do it. If you’ve noticed, many kids have their own YouTube channels with millions of subscribers. And their videos have even more views. But if you know how much they earn with their videos, you will say “if kids can do it, I can, too!”

And you certainly can with the tips on how to make engaging YouTube videos we’ll give you today.

How to Make Money on YouTube

If you love being on the web and you’re looking to earn money, a great place to start is on YouTube. With every 1000 views that your video gets, you earn $2-$4 from YouTube paid ads. That means if you have 100 videos that get 5000 views each, you make $1000-$2000! That definitely is a lot.

But making money on YouTube is not as simple as child YouTubers make it be. And it you certainly don’t get paid overnight. So, if you want to start a career and earn through YouTube, you need patience and the following tips to help you out.

  1. First, you need to create your Channel. It is recommended that you create a custom URL so you can get organic search visibility.
  2. Find a niche for your channel and make videos based on it. It can basically be about anything you love to do.
  3. Create valuable content for your videos. Once you have a high-value video, it won’t be hard getting viewers for it.
  4. Link your channel with AdSense. This is how you will be paid by YouTube.
  5. Polish your videos using the best tools.

You can really make your time on the web worth it by making videos that matter and give you an income. So, why not start now?

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