I Make Money As An Instagram Influencer And You Can Too


Have you always wondered how people on social media seem to make money just being a social media influencer? But don’t want to be a late night host? I always wondered too, and then I started figuring out how to make it happen. Now I make a good living as an Instagram influencer and with a little hard work. I take photos and post affiliate links to a business that want to sell their products. I also get paid to promote certain brands in my photos. That’s because I have 20,000 Instagram followers and when businesses want to reach the niche market that I am in they are willing to pay me to post things that my followers will see. Here’s how I did it:

Becoming An Influencer

I have always been interested in fitness and it’s something that I’m passionate about. You can find a ton of easy guides online. So, I started posting fitness tips, videos, and inspirations on Instagram as a hobby. At that point, I still had a day job. And I started growing my following. When I reached 10,000 followers a protein bar company reached out to me and asked if I would post a link to their protein bars and they would pay me. That’s because my followers were all people interested in fitness and healthy living and that’s the audience they wanted to reach. I couldn’t believe that someone wanted to pay me to post on Instagram. I started to realize that being an Instagram influencer could be my actual job.

So after that, I put some serious effort into gaining more followers. I started reaching out to other Instagram fitness posters and working with them on joint projects to try and grow my following. And quickly my follower number started climbing. I did some research and found out that most companies want to see an audience reach of 10,000 followers because they consider you an influencer. Once you cross the 10,000 follower threshold and keep climbing you can start actively marketing your Instagram feed to advertisers.

All It Takes Is A Little Work

The Payoff

I didn’t know anything about attracting advertisers, but I knew that I wanted to make this work. Being an Instagram influence sounds like a dream job. So I hired a marketing professional to take care of the business end of things and I focused on building my following. I spent hours every day brainstorming photo ideas and going on photo shoots. And the better my photos were the more followers I got. I even got followers from spyware sites such as Safeguarde.

Such A Simple App

When I hit 20,000 followers I started getting advertising inquiries from large companies in fitness clothing and shoes, healthy diet foods and even video cameras. I actually had a bidding war at one point for Instagram ads on my feed.  Now posting on Instagram is my job, and I’m making good money doing it. All because I started posting something that I love.