How to Become a Social Media Rockstar – Maximize your Online Presence

Becoming a star is getting relatively easier these days as social media latches on to more to our lives. Stars used to be exclusive to Hollywood but now anyone on the internet has the capacity to become one. We’ve seen the likes of PewDiePie, Jeffree Star and even Rebecca Black had their way to stardom through social media. It’s not too late to become a social media Rockstar. These are several tips to pave your way to fame and fortune.

Establish a Brand

There are many ways to establish a brand. Your brand is what people are going to remember you for.

  • Do what’s popular – It’s an easy thing to do. Take what’s already popular and improve it or do a twist. When rants became popular in social media and people started liking the swear-filled posts, some people took it a step further and started calling them reactions. Honesty-filled reviews of basically anything in life.
  • Start a trend – It might be a bit hard to find a trend that’s not been done yet but if you have one, it could be your ticket in social media.
  • Do what you like – Or be comfortable and do just whatever you like. Some social media rockstars just posted their daily life and gained quite a following.

Choose your Social Media Platform

There are hundreds of social media platforms for you to choose from.

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • YouTube

To name a few. The important thing is, you’re not limited to one platform. In fact, cross-content between platforms can help you gain a larger audience.

K.I.S.S. Keep it Short and Simple

It is tempting to just go on and on about your life. However, it is shown that it’s better to have short and concise posts that have walls of text on your feed. In fact, an image or video works better, to sum up, your posts. People react favorably to infographics and short clips of not more than 30 minutes. Think of it as showing movie trailers of what’s going on with your account.

Don’t Abuse Hashtags

While it’s tempting, do not overuse hashtags. The purpose of the hashtags is to “tag” your post as a way of creating a category for it so when one clicks on a hashtag like #highschool will see high school related posts with the same hashtags. Creating a unique tag that really doesn’t reflect any event or your brand is useless.

Stay Online

Consistency is key to keep your followers and gain new ones. You can either be spontaneous all the time and post about your life or plan things ahead. Both have pros and cons. Spontaneity is often seen by people as truthful and shows you as a real person. However, there’s a big chance you could post something that could land you in trouble such as Logan Paul’s debacle in Japan’s suicide forest. Planning things ahead will help weed out bad ideas, but you might look a bit scripted. Balancing the two might be a better idea. Know when to be spontaneous and edit a lot.

Getting Help with a Consultancy Firm

Last but not least, it is never degrading to ask help from consultancy firms. They’re experts on the field of public relations and can help boost your brand and yourself. SEO197 is just that. Get help and become a social media Rockstar now.