Finding Honest Employees in the Modern World

Don't give a dishonest applicant the chance for an interview and search for people instead.

As a digital marketer, you’re most likely all too familiar with the dishonesty of the Internet. With fake news sites, anonymity, and outdated information, it can be difficult to find what’s authentic and real. Most of the time, it’s best to stick with information from reputable news and corporate websites. But, what about when you’re reviewing job applicants from an online posting? Using an online tool, you can search for people to make sure they are who they say they are. Continue reading to see why you should do this with every potential employee.

Verify Their Personal Information

It's very easy for applicants to lie about their information.
Anyone can make up lies about themselves on the Internet.

While most people see a resume as a source of pride, detailing the work they’ve accomplished, others use it as an opportunity to lie. Everything from their name and address to places they’ve worked could be fabricated. When you search for people, you can verify this information and ensure that the person you’re going to be interviewing really is “John Doe.”

Arrest and Criminal Records

Job applicants are typically asked about their criminal record during the application and interview process. Wouldn’t it be easier if you knew their criminal and public arrest records before you invited them to your office? You can save yourself, along with your company, some valuable time by using a website to find out these details. That way, if your candidate has an unfavorable record, you can quickly move on to the next one.


A tool that lets you search for people will also let you know the status of an applicant’s licenses. For jobs that require a driver’s license, this is an absolute must. It’s very easy for a candidate to say they have a license when they may not. The best way to ensure that they’re telling the truth is to consult a website that will find the correct information for you. If it turns out they’re lying, then you’ll immediately know they’re not a good fit for your company.

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