Did You Know That You Can Spy on a Cell Phone?

Unlike in the past when parents have no way of knowing when their teens have become victims of cell phone addiction, there are ways that parents can spy on a cell phone and implement parental controls to beat such habit-forming activity. New mobile phone technology has made applications that would enable parents to monitor their teens’ cell phones. With just a tap on the phone screen, they would be able to see and read virtually all their teens’ phone activities.

Spying on a cell phone is not just for parents, it could also be for employers to monitor their workers at work. As some cell phones have been tied to distractions at work, business owners utilize it to manage their employees and increase their productivity.

How to Spy on a Cell Phone

There are tracker apps that are currently available in the market that will give you services of spying on a cell phone. Among them is Auto Forward Spy. This app, created by a reputable developer, is fully-loaded with useful features that will serve your purpose.

  1. Auto Forward Spy can easily monitor text messages, with it as its best feature. Sent and received messages will be tracked and stored virtually for you to see. Even deleted messages can be retrieved with this amazing feature. For parents, you don’t have to bother your kids asking them who they are texting because you can just track their messages.


  1. With social networking sites gaining popularity among teens, parents have no control over what they post or share on these sites. With Auto Forward Spy, parents would have full access to their teen’s social media accounts and see if there are inappropriate content shared within those sites.


  1. Auto Forward Spy can track you wherever you go, with real-time GPS locations. This is perfect for business owners such as those in the delivery/courier industry. GPS locations could help them ensure employees have deliveries that are right on schedule.


  1. As far as distractions could go for teens and employees, parents and employers could monitor the time they spend on their screens. A plus feature of Auto Forward Spy could track time spent by the users on the phone. Employers and parents could remotely block or uninstall apps that cause too much distraction.

How Far can Monitoring Go?

The uses of spy apps greatly depend on the customer’s reason for purchasing one. While it may be an issue with regards to privacy, with the appropriate reason, I think such issues can be justified. For parents whose only concern is the health and safety of their children, they could just do so. The same is true for employers who are using spy apps with transparency among their employees for the success of their companies. However, with employers, there are certain boundaries that they must observe in monitoring their employees such as personal email communications. To achieve a healthy relationship, all they need to do is have a talk with their workers and reach a compromise regarding privacy policies within the company. Do keep in mind that when you would use a spy app on someone to always abide by the laws applicable to you.

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