Choosing The Best Stocking Stuffers For Kids

Buying great Christmas gifts for your kids can be challenging but finding the right stocking stuffers can be nearly impossible. The best stocking stuffers are practical but also fun and there should be a few small gifts, not just candy. The older generation you probably remember getting oranges or tangerines, razors, socks, or other practical items in your Christmas stockings. But just like everything else the best stocking stuffers today are usually electronic. If you’re stuck for stocking stuffer ideas and don’t want your kids to have stockings full of candy or citrus fruit try putting one or more of these little handy gifts in their Christmas stockings:

Apple Pencil

If your kids have an iPad or a late model iPhone getting them an Apple pencil is a great stocking stuffer. The Apple pencil will allow them to draw on the screen of their iPhone or iPad. They can also handwrite pages and notes or use it as a stylus. An Apple pencil is a great accessory to give your kids if they already have Apple products.

An Extra Charger And Charging Cable Extender

Kids lose their phone chargers all the time. An extra charger and a charger cable extender is a fantastic and affordable stocking stuffer. So they can plug in their phone from a distance if they need to. Having an extra charger cable will come in very handy and they will be really glad that they have an extra one when they leave one at school or at a friend’s house. And because charger cables are relatively cheap you can get one for each of the kids and for your spouse as a stocking stuffer.

A Solar Battery Charger

Another very handy gadget to slip inside a stocking is a solar operated battery charger. It allows your kids to charge their phones anywhere and they can recharge it just by setting it in the sun. When they have a solar-powered charger they won’t be able to tell you that they couldn’t call because their phone was dead, which makes it a smart gift for you to give them. You can be quite sure that they always have access to a charger when you give them a solar powered battery phone charger.


Just like phone chargers earbuds often get misplaced. You don’t have to get very expensive earbuds to give as stocking stuffers. Basic earbuds that your kids can keep in their bookbags or backpacks or in their lockers at school so that they always have a backup pair are a very useful stocking stuffer that won’t cost a lot of money.

A Fitness Tracker

On the more expensive end of the stocking stuffer spectrum is a Fitbit or other fitness tracker. Lots of kids are using these trackers to try and measure their activity and stay healthy. If you want to get your kids interested in physical activity and help them adopt a healthier lifestyle a fitness tracker is the perfect stocking stuffer.

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