Canon Or Sony For Video

Using a video camera

The question is always Canon or Sony. When it comes to photography, just about any full-frame DSLR will do. Whether Canon, Nikon, Sony, or Fuji, they are all great choices when it comes to photography.

But the world is changing. When it comes to video, people have a much more difficult choice. There are more factors that affect a videographer than a photographer. Camera weight doesn’t affect a photographer as much, since they only need to keep the camera still for a split-second, unless they are doing a long-exposure and need a tripod.

When making videos, there are all sorts of factors that come into play. Camera weight, stability, video quality, the autofocus, and so many more.

This isn’t to say that the choice isn’t sometimes difficult when choosing a camera for professional photography. But the choice can be a bit more difficult when it comes to video.

Choosing A Camera For Video

Leaving The DSLR Game

The biggest reason why some people are hesitant to switch to Sony is that their mirrorless models are not DSLR. So many of us have learned photography on a DSLR, so the idea of switching to something else, even if it’s just for a while, seems intense.

However, there’s a reason that these Sony Mirrorless cameras are so popular for video right now. They are light and compact, and because of that they are easy to keep steady. Ask any videographer these days and they will most likely recommend the Sony Mirrorless system over a Canon DSLR.

Sony Gaining Ground

This brings us to the question of what has happened to make so many people prefer the Sony over the Canon for videography. Canon seems to have decided that if someone wants 4K video they are going to have to get their flagship cameras. They seem devoted to photographers on the lower models.

What this means for videographers is that the clear choice is Sony, if they are at least 50% using the camera for video. The comparable models of Canon just don’t compare when it comes to video quality, autofocus, and stability.

Red Cameras

Canon and Sony video cameras
Videographers need to choose a camera that’s right for them.

Sony is the way to go for entry-level to new-professional videographer. However, those that are wanting to get into real filmmaking are going to need something even more expensive. There are video cameras out there that cost more than your car. Check out RED Cameras and you will learn that 8K is already a thing, and if someone wants to make extremely high-quality videos or movies, they are going to want to go RED.

While there are a lot of professional cameras out there for videography, these days one doesn’t need a $3,000 camera in order to make cool videos. Most of us are carrying around a small computer with a camera (an iPhone) in our pockets all day long. With the right apps and skill, our phones can make amazing videos. Sometimes that’s the best place to start, anyway. So, regardless of what you’re shooting with, get out there and start creating!