How to Build A Bigger Twitter Following

You can easily build your Twitter following.

Social media and SEO usually go hand-in-hand; they’re both important digital marketing efforts that you need for your business. Do you wonder how some brands are able to get tens of thousands of followers on Twitter? Twitter is a fabulous social media platform for networking with existing and new customers. But in order to get a lot of followers, you need to know some simple Twitter hacks that will get your account seen by more people. It pays to actively build up your account – you could see a lot of additional traffic and conversions on your website. Use these hacks to start growing your Twitter following today:

Use Hashtags

Use hashtags so people will find your posts.
Hashtags will help other people find your posts.

Hashtags are the best way to connect with people who are interested in what your brand has to offer. You should use at least one or two hashtags in every tweet. Sometimes it can be hard to fit in hashtags because of the character limit. But there is a way around that. Add a photo to your tweet and you can tag people in the photo without using up your character limit. So add a photo, tag your followers, and then use hashtags in the actual tweet. That is the most effective way to tweet. Photo tweets get the best reactions and are retweeted the most.

Be sure to use the daily hashtags in order to get the best visibility for your tweets. Daily hashtags are things like #motivationalmonday or #throwbackthursday. They get massive numbers of posts, so your brand should take advantage of that.

Follow Back

When people follow you, make sure that you return the favor and follow them back. People will usually wait a day or two and see if you follow back. If you don’t, they will unfollow you. Always follow back and keep the good will going. It’s also a good way to organically build your following.

Use A Service

Twitter has comprehensive stats and other tools that can help you analyze your account, but they can be tough to understand. Using a service or an app like Crowdfire makes it easy to manage your Twitter feed and following. You can see who is following you, as well as who unfollowed you. Using this service, you can search for people to follow based on a keyword or a hashtag. Or, you can copy another user’s followers so that you can follow them yourself and grow your Twitter following.

Tweet Often

Active Twitter accounts gets more followers. The more active you are on Twitter, the more popular you will be. So post often throughout the day. Keep your posts relevant. Don’t spam people promoting your brand. But, retweeting other people and adding some of your own thoughts throughout the day is the best way to grow your Twitter following.

Pick A Niche

Do you want to tweet mostly about your brand? Or news and articles that are related to your product? Picking a niche and keeping your posts related to it is a good way to let other people know what your brand is about. It will attract followers who are interested in what you have to post.