Are Companies Entitled for Cell Phone Spy Software Installation?

It has already been ruled by the Supreme Court of the United States that business owners and employers have a right to monitor employees’ text messages and emails, which have them scrambling to learn how to retrieve text messages from another phone. However, there is still a bit of uncertainty regarding the limitations of those rights. Will they be allowed to just demand that an employee show them his email account or his phone?

Employer’s Rights Pertaining to Employee Monitoring.

It is general knowledge that employers are allowed to monitor their employees’ activities on communications, especially the way they use company phones and email accounts on company domain. But there are certain rules that the employers should follow very strictly.

  1. The monitoring should be done with the purpose of inspecting performance and productivity, as well as securing data the company has on its other employees, on clients and on itself.
  2. Employers are not allowed the right to check on the personal emails and mobile phones of their employees.
  3. Employers will need to inform their employees that they are being monitored, and that the business owners can access text messages and company emails if and when it is necessary.
  4. The only phones and email accounts the employers are allowed to access and monitor are those that they legally own or are under their company domain.

Is it OK for Employers to Read Their Employees’ Text Messages?

This is where it gets dicey. It is a known fact that company phones are being used just like personal phones (with personal messages being sent back and forth). With the legal right of the employer to monitor everything that it owns, these text messages are right in the middle of it. With the lack of a subject field in text messages, it would be nearly impossible to know if a message is personal or work-related just at first glance.

There may be some workarounds, though. To maintain the integrity of the phone and its contents, employees should only use the company phones for tasks and other work-related activities. They should also not be allowed to bring the phone home, since monitoring ends as soon as the shift ends. This is to make sure that the company would only find work-related communications on the phone, and to determine if the employee uses it for things other than his tasks.

What is The Best Way to Monitor Cell Phone Activity?

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