SEO Ranking Tool

Do you want to track your sites progress in real-time? We give you SERP rankings graphs, Google Analytics, backlinks, AdWords and Social Media updates all in one FREE tool. Only for oAssist clients!

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Expert SEO

oAssist is a specialist in SEO – need proof? We ranked ourselves to #1 for the term ‘Expert SEO’ on (check it yourself). If an SEO company can’t rank their own keyword, how can they expect to rank yours?

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Affordable SEO - Page 1 Ranking

If you need assurances, we are happy to oblige! SEO197 is all about giving you certainty. We can guarantee that your keyword(s) reach Page 1 on Google within 6 to 12 months, or we will keep working until we get you there – for free!

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Cheap SEO - Page 1 Ranking

Finally! Affordable SEO services for Small Business. For too long, quality SEO services have been reserved for big business with pricing effectively ‘locking out’ Small Businesses from obtaining effective SEO.

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Social Updates

Inexpensive SEO For Smaller Businesses

Smaller or new businesses are in need of inexpensive SEO. When a new business is just starting out, or a small business is in operation, they have less money to work with. That smaller business still needs SEO marketing on their internet business just like the bigger business. Some SEO companies have pricing set at [...]

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Experience What Inexpensive SEO Can Offer Your Business

Search engine optimization is an indispensable aspect of online advertising, and many business owners are becoming increasingly more aware of this. This is the reason why they hire the services of an SEO company or in their familiar language SEO. With this advancement in online advertising, you have to go with the flow and get [...]

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Want to learn more about what SEO actually is? Read about it on Wikipedia (opens in a new window). We call it Affordable SEO - they call it Search Engine Optimization ;)